Laughing Without Cavities: Pediatric Dentistry Tips for Parents

Posted on February 15, 2024

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1. Start early and make it fun: It is highly essential to teach your child proper tooth-brushing practices from his or her early childhood. This not only ensures that your child does not get dental-related issues but also enjoying the process too. Wash and floss almost every day and make it a habit, involving the child to select a preferred toothpaste with his or her favorite cartoon character or color. In fact, you can also play with it by playing villain and preventing this to happen again. You are tooth detectives looking for any remnants of food particles on their teeth.

2. Choose a pediatric dentist: Children require regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and dental review just like in the case of adults. It is recommended for parents to opt for a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry, due to the fact that these medical professionals embrace specialized training often related at procedures involving youngsters. They also have a kids friendly environment in their office, with the brightly coloured walls around, toys and even games from which your child will not receive any hints of dullness when he or she visits.

3. Monitor sugar intake: We all are aware of the negative effects of sugar on teeth as it is a cause for caries, however, keeping an eye on your child’s intake maintain maximum possible health. The absurdity is that children eat a lot of sweets and drink sweet soft drinks, which destroys teeth. In their food; you should ensure to limit the consumption of sweets and in addition, get them brush there teeth after taking a treat.
4. Teach the importance of nutrition: The balanced nutritional diet also plays an integral role in promoting your child’s overall health specifically with regard to the oral health. To ensure they have calcium and enough vitamin D for good teeth and bones, also find ways to help them eat less sugary and acidic foods so as not erode enamel of their already weakened set.

5. Protect their teeth during sports: For a better Pediatric Dental of your child, it is necessary to get them protected while participating in sports activities. Ensure they use mouth guard in contact sports, it will protect their teeth and the whole mouth from any injuries.

6. Address thumb sucking and pacifier use: Babies and young children feel safe in having a thumb sucking habit or one of using the pacifier. But long term use of these habits can lead to what we call disruption in both size and maturation of their teeth as well as the development of their mouths. Consult a pediatric dentist on ways to help you to make your child free from these habits.

7. Be prepared for emergencies: When dental emergency such as an enamel fracture or a tooth knocked out occurred, one should remain alert and calm to efficiently prevent further loss of blood. Before an emergency arises, you should have contact information of your pediatric dentist ready and be prepared to follow certain steps in case of a dental emergency.

In Nevada Orthodontics, & Pediatric Dentistry we have Kids Dentist that are fully specialized and many years of experience in treating each phase of oral issue your child may grow with. We are aware of the fact that most children find visiting a dentist complicated and fear-driven, because we offer child-friendly atmosphere where their visits could become less nerve-wracking.


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