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Some research shows that kids with autism have a higher risk of dental disease. There are many reasons for this, ranging from difficulties creating good brushing and flossing habits to sensory issues, teeth grinding, and chewing as a form of “stimming”. Dr. Faranesh has extensive training in providing dental treatment to young patients with autism and understands the importance of building trust in developing good oral health habits.

Why Choose Us as Your Pediatric Dentist for Autism?

Dr. Faranesh has completed the American Academy of Orthodontics training program for working with kids with autism. He understands how to explain treatments and procedures to ease their anxiety and demystify oral care.

Of course, we can also provide a quick dose of giggle gas to further ease anxiety and soothe nerves if necessary.

Pediatric dentist for special needs

What’s included in Pediatric Dental care for Autism?

Our Las Vegas office provides a full range of dental treatments for autistic kids, coupled with important differences.

Preventative Care

The foundation of a bright smile is good preventative care. We help your little one build the habits they’ll need to make that happy grin last a lifetime. As he cleans and polishes, Dr. Faranesh explains the need to brush and floss at least twice a day.


No one wants to deal with cavities, but it can be especially traumatic for autistic patients. Dr. Faranesh takes specific steps to ease your child’s natural anxiety, including using laughing gas.


Every child deserves a healthy, straight smile. Dr. Faranesh can work with you and your child to find the right option to straighten misaligned teeth, whether that’s traditional metal braces, ceramics, or an aligner system.

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